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JD Drew Back In Lineup

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2008

DL, I mean JD Drew is back in the lineup starting in right field tonight. Tito said in a morning call to the Dale and Holley Show that he is feeling good. Tito also said that he put on a clinic during BP last night and he felt good then and after so he is starting tonight. That is good news to hear, if he can play through it into the playoffs it just makes the lineup deeper. It is an additional plus because who know whats up with Lowell. We are getting healthy at the right time for the playoffs and most likely we will be facing the Angels. Also with the playoffs clinched Tito is going be giving everyday guys a break for the last 5 games starting tonight with Bay getting the night off and Chris Carter starting in Left. Like Big Papi said “everyone knows were dangerous in the playoffs” lets go SOX!!!!!

P.S. I love the fact the Yanks are out of the playoffs and Hanky Panky Stienbrenner is crying about



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