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Broncos Luck Out Again

Posted by Mike on September 23, 2008

Not only did the Broncos get lucky that New Orleans Saints kicker Martin Gramatica missed a chance at winning the game due to the jewelry on holder Steve Weatherford’s left hand, but the ref’s blew a call again. The picture above comes courtesy of Pro Football Talk, and it’s of the third and short that the Saints were late in the fourth quarter in which the Saints were stopped and the next play Gramatica missed the field goal, but what the ref’s failed to notice is the Denver Broncos player at the bottom of the picture who is clearly lined up offsides. This missed call, and last week’s blunder by Ed Hochuli have allowed the Broncos to roll to a 3 and 0 record. If the ref’s actually made the right calls in the past two weeks the Broncos would be 1-2, as opposed to there undefeated record.


One Response to “Broncos Luck Out Again”

  1. Tom Shirley said

    The NFL has sunk to a new low in allowing clueless officials to stay employed in a league that has fallen to,and stayed at mere mediocrity for quitte sometime!

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