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The NFL’s Mitchell Report

Posted by Mike on September 22, 2008

The San Diego Union-Tribune has compiled a list and put together a version of the NFL’s Mitchell Report. The list has a total of 185 names dating all the way back to 1962, as compared to the Major League Baseball’s Mitchell Report which had a total of 89 names. The list comes from “hundreds of media reports, archives, plus public records and interviews with players and league personnel. It is not considered comprehensive or proportional, just the best snapshot that could be provided through those sources”. The NFL has always been at the forefront of sports in trying to eliminate any type of drug/steroid use in the sport. However in such a physical sport there will always be the element of steroids involved. Some interesting names from the list:

CB Deion Sanders (2005) tested positive for steroid-related substance before rejoining the league. He said it was in medication he was taking to treat an injured ankle.

OL Bill Fralic (early 1980s) said he used steroids in college at Pitt. He later told U.S. Senate committee that as much as 75 percent of NFL linebackers, linemen and tight ends have used steroids.

OL Bill Curry (1965) used Diabol to increase to 240 pounds from 220, according to New York Times.

DL Joe Klecko (1979-81) said he took steroids in offseason for strong-man contests, according to book by Charles Yesalis.

LB Bill Romanowski (2003) tested positive for the designer steroid THG. He later told “60 Minutes” he used steroids and HGH.

DL Mike Golic (1987) said in 2007 that he used steroids to come back from shoulder injury.

Coach George Allen (1974). Former player Walt Sweeney testified in suit that Allen told players, “If it takes amphetamines to win, I will bring it in by the truckload.”

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