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Looks Like Soriano Cheats Too

Posted by Mike on September 22, 2008

Late last week it was Jose Reyes who got caught cheating on his wife, now today on sites such as The Dirty and Deadspin pictures can be found of Chicago Cubs star Alfonso Soriano cheating on his wife Angelica with whom he has count’em four children with. The broad he is cheating on his wife with name is Keri Wiesen and these pictures can be found on her Facebook page. She’s a smart one. Gotta love the Internet! According to her Facebook page she says “I’M AN EXPENSIVE BITCH”, she certainly is, she’s personally going to cost Soriano a lot of that $136 Million dollar contract he got from the Cubs. And according to The Dirty, Wiesen brags about how good Soriano is in bed (Liar!!!!!) and how he buys her things all the time. Now I imagine Soriano is going to have to buy himself an expensive lawyer. Next time stick to chicks who don’t have Facebook and have a tremendous difficulty speaking the the English language.


One Response to “Looks Like Soriano Cheats Too”

  1. DDP said

    As much as I hate him, Jeter should teach a course to all MLB players on why they should never marry. Then just show a slideshow of all the chicks he has banged over the years.

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