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JD Drew Out For Season ?

Posted by Mike on September 22, 2008

Anyone surprised ? According to the Hartford Courant, JD Drew admitted that his back problem might end his season. The Red Sox $14 Million dollar man has never been one to play through pain. So far through his 11-year career, Drew has only played over 140 games three times. Compare that with Manny Ramirez in his 16-year career, he has played over 140 games nine times. This season was thought to be Drew’s breakout season with the Red Sox, he did carry the team for a period of time while David Ortiz was hurt, but then Drew returned to his old-self and complained about pain and injury and sent out a bunch of games and eventually went on the D.L. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein took criticism for signing JD D.L. Drew but the critics seemed to be changing their thoughts on Drew until he got hurt once again. More from the Hartford Courant:

J.D. Drew acknowledged that his lingering back problem could end his season. He hasn’t played since mid-August and pain and stiffness remain because of a herniated disk.

“It’s frustrating,” Drew said. “It’s getting close to the end. I know the training staff is scratching their heads. Maybe another epidural. One day it’s going to get better. I don’t know what day it’s going to be.”


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