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Ed Hochuli Has A Website

Posted by Mike on September 22, 2008

NFL referee Ed Hochuli made big news last week when he blew his whistle early ( I have been known to do that as well) that would have resulted in a Denver Broncos fumble and would have cemented the San Diego Chargers victory. Instead the Broncos won and Hochuli’s blunder has been all over the news and its been said to be really weighing on Hochuli. So what better way to stay out of the limelight then answer every single e-mail that was sent to you. The NFL has since told Hochuli to keep quiet about the matter, but he continues to answer e-mails at his website: That’s right, an NFL referee has a website that includes:

  • include updates of Ed’s weekly schedule
  • include photos
  • outline the “Herculean” workout regimen
  • take a video tour with Ed of his “crib”
  • I for one am now a member of the Ed Hochuli messageboard where I can chat with Ed and ask him questions about the past weeks game. The NFL must love this! In the ever secretive NFL where they love to keep things quiet this referee will not let his blunder die. The NFL is now going to be tighter on Hoculi then his shirt is on him.


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