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Al Davis Finally Gets His Wish

Posted by Mike on September 22, 2008

Fox Sports Jay Glazer is reporting that on Monday the Oakland Raiders will finally fire head coach Lane Kiffin. The Raiderson Sunday lost a heart-breaker to the Buffalo Bills 24-23 on a last second field goal by Bills kicker Rian Lindell. The Raiders dictator Al Davis was just waiting for the next possible loss by the Raiders so he could fire Kiffin, someone he just didn’t get along with. There was talk in the off-season that Davis wanted to fire Kiffin, but Davis didn’t want to eat the money he owed Kiffin. It was an inevitable ending for Kiffin and for anyone else who coaches the Raiders it truly is an impossible task. More from Jay Glazer:

Kiffin has been informed by Raiders officials that Al Davis intends to remove him as the team’s head coach as early as Monday, has learned.

Davis blamed Kiffin for the Raiders’ 24-23 loss on Sunday to the Bills, and told his underlings that he will make the move on Monday. However, word was leaked out last week in a similar fashion and Kiffin survived. Players reached out to to express hope that the move would not be made, and with Davis you can never be certain.

Kiffin reportedly has been on bad terms with Davis since shortly after last season. Sources said that when Kiffin informed Davis of coaching changes he wanted to make, the owner actually sent word to those coaches that the head coach was looking to make a move, but that Davis would protect them.


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