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Joey Porter Is A Jackass

Posted by Mike on September 19, 2008


How stupid is Joey Porter?  The other day he was talking trash about how the Dolphins are gonna beat the Pats.  Mind you the Pats have won 21 games in a row and the Dolphins have only won 1 game in 18 contests.  Brady or not the Pats will win the game, hell they are 12 point favorites with Cassel as QB.  That is how bad the Dolphins are Vegas is opening them up as 12 point dogs, Pats cover.  Here is what Porter said the other day all this is from our friends at Pro Football Talk:


“I just know he’s not a Tom Brady,” Porter said. “So if it’s not Tom Brady, it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Yet Porter said “It’ll be good to go out there and get our first victory.”

“He’s a guy we’ll prepare for, but that was his first start since high school,” Porter said. “So you can take all the reps you want to. This is a totally different game, a totally different league. He’s only had one start in the NFL. Take that for what it’s worth. He won it, but if you compare him to Brady, there’s no comparison.

 He goes on to say that the media took his quote and spun it out to be something else here is his quote from Thursday from Pro Football Talk:

        “[Brady] had 50 touchdown passes last year. You’re asking a guy who hasn’t played that many snaps to do what Brady did. It’s not going to happen. When we played them last year Jason [Allen] got a pick and they were blowing us out and they put Tom back in. Like I said, he’s not Brady.

       “For us, we want to attack him the same way. I just don’t think he could play on the same high level that Brady plays. If he does, Brady wouldn’t be started. He would be starting. Would you rather go against Brady or Cassel? You would rather go against Cassel if you were on defense, right? OK, that’s what we’d rather do. We’re getting Cassel instead of Brady, and I like our chances against Cassel.”

It seems to me he said the same thing that the media supposedly took out of context you be the judge.  Either way he is a stupid ass neck and the Pats are gonna pound the Dolphins this week.


One Response to “Joey Porter Is A Jackass”

  1. Jay said

    final score anyone?

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