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ESPN Gets Into Politics

Posted by Mike on September 19, 2008


I have no idea why ESPN’s Mike and Mike had McCain on there show this morning… Ya  I watch Mike and Mike. They are gonna have Obama as well.  ESPN stick with sports do not get into the political shit, we all now that politics and sports lead to bad things, i.e. Spygate and the Mitchell Report.  You call yourselves the worldwide leader in sports than stick to sports, let ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS to cover the race.  Whats next they gonna have Mark Schlereth and Ron Jawarski break down the political parties, better yet Merill Hodge and Emmitt Smith.  Now that would be must see TV. 



2 Responses to “ESPN Gets Into Politics”

  1. Jim said

    So Bill Simmons can’t talk to Obama because ESPN doesn’t “do” politics, but Mike & Mike can talk to McCain?

  2. wavemaker2 said

    I totally agree with you.. ESPN is totally SPORT’S… Yes, if they have Obama LLama on or McCain Pain there ONLY aloud to talk about SPORT’S!! DO NOT mix the two!! til l8er

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