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Cuban Gets Emails On Howard

Posted by Mike on September 19, 2008

Mark Cuban got Emails from angry fans to say the least about the Josh Howard National Anthem video.   Thanks to The Big Lead here are a few of those emails:


Send him to Indiana to be with his fellow criminals.Huh? Josh Howard is from North Carolina.

remind him that that National Anthem is the reason he is so ridiculously over paid, even though he probably went to maybe 2% of his classes at Wake-and probably can’t balance his own checkbook!In the next sentence, this clown tells Cuban he wants to talk movies.

I don’t spend my money on this NBA shit, I am white.” Wonder if he supports the NFL or MLB.

if not for America, he’d probably be be throwing spears in Africa someplace instead of free-throws.What is wrong with people?

A White storm is brewing Mr. Cuban, you and those niggers like you better evacuate.” What is wrong with people?

Send him to REALITY, where he should be; bagging groceries and/or in prison.” What is wrong with people?

Why would anyone send shit like this to the owner of the Franchise? I hope Cuban finds a couple season ticket holders in there and take the tickets from them.  That is pure stupidity to say shit like that.  Rick Reilly should write a piece about that since he likes to throw race around in sports.


One Response to “Cuban Gets Emails On Howard”

  1. Travis Outlaw said

    JOSH HOWARD what a white name

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