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Beasley Fined 50k For Locking Himself In The Bathroom

Posted by Mike on September 19, 2008


This picture has been seen all over the place for the last 3 weeks or so.  If you follow the NBA you know the story about how Mario Chalmers and Arthur got kicked out of the NBA transition camp for weed and chicks.  Also there were reports that Beasley had locked himself in the bathroom and refused to come out so he wouldn’t get in trouble. Well he got in trouble and got fined 50k for smoking weed and and having chicks in the room.  He is gonna love South Beach. Anyway what took the NBA so long to punish him?  Were they hoping this whole thing would blow over and forget about Beasley in the bathroom ordeal? Smells like a cover up, but thanks to the picture that has been circulating the NBA had no choice but to punish the 2nd pick in the 2008 draft.




2 Responses to “Beasley Fined 50k For Locking Himself In The Bathroom”

  1. McChanski said

    We’re expecting a big day from you Zippa. It’s Friiiiday and I aint got shit to do

  2. Travis Outlaw said

    JOSH HOWARD what a white name

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