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Schilling Rips Manny Again…Whatelse Is New ?

Posted by Mike on September 18, 2008

Making an appearance on WEEI’sBig Show” yesterday, Red Soxright-hander Curt Schilling had more choice words for former Red Sox Manny Ramirez. The history between Schilling and Ramirez has always been a bit icy to begin with. There was the physical altercation the two gotten into a few years ago, and in the recent months Schilling hasn’t been one to shy away from criticizing Ramirez on the airwaves at WEEI. The Sox ace hasn’t been around the team most of the year, but he wasn’t hesitant to voice his opinion yesterday to the Big Show :

The guy got to dress in a locker away from the team for seven years,” Schilling said. “And then [when] he’s on this crusade to get out of here, all of a sudden he’s in the locker room every day, voicing his displeasure without even having to play the game that night.”

Manny’s behavior was hardest on Red Sox manager Terry Francona, Schilling said.

“Nothing makes a guy that respects the game and respects human beings like Terry Francona feel worse than looking at a guy and saying, ‘Go ahead, [mess] with me, [mess] with your teammates, I’ll put you in the lineup,’ and then turn around to a guy who’s there every day early working his [butt] off who gets 110 at-bats a year and saying, ‘You know what? Yeah, I can’t put you in there tonight,'” Schilling said.

“There were times when you had players who were on like fire duty, ‘Show up tomorrow, I’m not sure if you’re playing or not, we’ve gotta find out what [Manny] wants to do.’ That’s not fair to anybody.”

“I wouldn’t say [they’re ticked], I’d probably say disappointed more than anything,” Schilling said. “Because the one thing about Manny is that he was … he was very kind, and well-mannered, but there were spurts and times when you didn’t know who he was. You know, he was always kind and nice for the most part, but he’d show up the next day and say, ‘I’m through with this team, I want out now.'”

“I’m the last person in the world who should be telling you who’s right and who’s wrong in this,” he said.

“But I was a teammate, a member of this family, and I saw it … And to me, it was always those guys, the guys who played a crucial role on teams that weren’t the marquee players, are the ones that were disrespected the most.”

Thanks to ESPN


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