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Joey Porter Still Can’t Shut His Mouth

Posted by Mike on September 18, 2008

The former Pittsburgh Steelers and current Miami Dolphins outside linebacker, Joey Porter has a history of flapping his gums and irritating other teams. This is a man who once spit on William Green before a game, jumped Levi Jones in Las Vegas and also pulled his groin doing his signature leg kick after a sack . Well, Porter has added a lot more fuel to the Patriots/Dolphins game this upcoming Sunday. The man who was once shot in the ass told :

“I just know he’s not a Tom Brady,” Porter said. “So if it’s not Tom Brady, it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Yet Porter said “It’ll be good to go out there and get our first victory.”

“He’s a guy we’ll prepare for, but that was his first start since high school,” Porter said. “So you can take all the reps you want to. This is a totally different game, a totally different league. He’s only had one start in the NFL. Take that for what it’s worth. He won it, but if you compare him to Brady, there’s no comparison.

The second-year Dolphin is already calling victory this week for his 0-2 team. I won’t be surprised if these quotes end up in the hands of Patriot Rodney Harrison, and along the locker room walls in New England.


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