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NFL Week 2 Review

Posted by Mike on September 17, 2008

1.  Pats win against out-coached Mangina

2.  Pats win with Matt Cassel going against Brett Favre

3.  The Vikes have no QB

4.  Ben Rothlisberger has a “strained shoulder” not separated

5.  Colts lose Bob Sanders for 4-6 weeks with high ankle sprain

6.  Ed Hochuli made a bad call, what ref hasn’t?

7.  Chargers are the best 0-2 team

8.  Tony Romo gave the Eagles 14 points and blew the spread

9.  Seattle lost two more receivers, sign Koren Robinson and trade for Keary Colbert

10.  Tony Kornheiser made fun of Mexicans

11.  Brandon Marshall had an unbelievable game

12. The two worst coaches in the NFL are in the AFC North and are in the same state.

13. The Chiefs have to be the worst team in the NFL

14.  Norv Turner is still crying

15. Mangina is still a rat-fink



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