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LaRon Landry Doesn’t Like To Be Noticed

Posted by Mike on September 17, 2008

Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry has rather unique taste. In a time when NFL players are now buying bullet proof, James Bond type of cars, Landry is seeming going in another direction. The car shown above is Lamborghini that the former LSU Tiger drives.Talk about being flashy, and showing off his wealth. Just ask Phillip Buchannon, or if you could Sean Taylor about what could happen to you. At this day an age professional athletes are now targets for crimes, see Antoine Walker being tied up in his house, or Marcus Camby’smother being kidnapped. It’s a time where as an athlete you can no longer show off the bling that you used to. If the car is not enough for Landry listen to what D.C. Sports Blog writes:

LaRon Landry’s lime green Lamborghini with lime green rimsis incredible, and I’m extremely disappointed that someone else broke this story. I will say that LaRon had an incredible thing hanging around his neck after the game, and also that I was prohibited to take a photo of it. But trust me, it would fit in very nicely with this car.

Thanks to Mister Irrrelevant


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