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Jose Reyes Caught On Camera

Posted by Mike on September 17, 2008

Talk about bad luck. New York Mets star shortstop Jose Reyes has been caught red-handed cheating on his wife and all evidence is at The The picture above comes from a hotel room in Washington D.C. as the Mets were preparing to take on the Nationals, the picture was taken by the mistress who Reyes has been sleeping with. More evidence can be seen here, here, and here. Today might not be the best day to interview Reyes. As a professional athlete, more importantly a baseball player cause no one else is on the road more, its almost expected that they will cheat on there wives. I myself was able to witness a Red Sox player cheating on his wife in Las Vegas a few years ago. So this isn’t exactly something new, but what is new in the age of the Internet and camera phones all the evidence being made public and the pictures being dispersed all over the Internet. So when the Mets star-studded shortstop is made aware of these picture all he can do is say ” No way, Jose“.


4 Responses to “Jose Reyes Caught On Camera”

  1. […] last week it was Jose Reyes who got caught cheating on his wife, now today on sites such as The Dirty and Deadspin pictures can […]

  2. Elvin said

    jose reyes es el mejor

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