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Clinton Portis And Brian Mitchell Go At It Over The Airwaves

Posted by Mike on September 17, 2008

More on this from the D.C. Sports Blog:

Portis: “You think that I’m gonna back down? I ain’t gonna back down.”
Mitchell: “If you ever want to go to that area, that’ll be the wrong thing you do. Believe that. Believe that.”

Portis: What you go on TV and say, what you sit on your radio show and say, ‘Portis need to shut up?’ Portis gonna keep talking.
Mitchell: You keep talking. Keep talking, bro.
Portis: So the fools saying Portis need to shut up, they can kiss Portis’s ass. I’m saying that. Ain’t nothing gonna change, my man….
Mitchell: Clinton, I’m gonna tell you like this bro. I always talk. I’m an analyst. I analyze positive and negative. If you can’t handle the negative….
Portis: You’re a hater, that’s what you are….
Host John Thompson: “Both of y’all are guys that we’re both proud of, and when you see one another, eat a sausage sandwich, sit back and put your toes up and laugh about this crap.”


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