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Mike Lowell Has A Partially Torn Hip Labrum

Posted by Mike on September 16, 2008

Boston Red Sox third basemen, Mike Lowell has being playing down the stretch of the season with a partially torn hip labrum in his right hip according to the Boston Globe. This will require off-season surgery, but Lowell will continue to fight through it and play with the injury. Something JD Drew would never consider. The cancer survivor deserves credit for play through such a painful injury, most players might sit out the rest of the year due to the pain, but Lowell is not one. It shows just the type of players the Red Sox have on that club. Players like Lowell are the reason the Sox fought back and are not tied the Raysfor first place in the division. More from the Globe:

Though you might not have known it on the home run swing Mike Lowell took in the first inning last night, the third baseman has been playing with a painful partially torn labrum in his right hip, an injury that will likely need surgery after the season.

He also revealed that he got another injection Thursday, similar to the one he got in August, though this one also contained nutrients to help the cartilage of the hip.

Before the Red Sox’ 13-5 rout of Tampa Bay, Lowell disclosed the nature of his injury, which has been plaguing him for some time. He has had trouble running the bases and moving defensively at third base, but he will continue to play through the discomfort, which first surfaced in late June.

When Lowell returned to the team after getting the initial injection in August – a mix of an anti-inflammatory and something to coat the hip joint – he said the hip injury mostly affected his running. And it’s clearly a problem, as one can see by watching Lowell jog to first base.

But it also seems to have hurt his numbers at the plate. Though he homered in the first inning last night, in 32 games since the All-Star break, Lowell is batting just .224 with 4 homers and 16 RBIs, and slugging .360.

“It bothers me every time I run and make a few steps defensively,” Lowell said. “It’s more of a grab and a nag, as opposed to excruciating pain. Just uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. I’d prefer not having it.”


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