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Michael Griffin Would Make PETA Proud

Posted by Mike on September 16, 2008

Tennessee Titans safety Michael Griffin is certainly no Michael Vick. The former Texas Longhorn had to delay his flight to Cincinnati with the team, as there were set to take on the Bengals this past Sunday, because Griffin had to rush his Pit Bull to the animal hospital as it died in his arms according to The death was not related to any type of dog fighting, it was due to natural causes. Even though it was a dog, Griffinsaid it was still very difficult to play the game after the dog’s death. This is perhaps the first death of a Pit Bull owned by an NFL player in which the league hasn’t had to worry how the dog died. More from the Tennessean:

Titans safety Michael Griffin made his first interception of the season Sunday but was still struggling with the death of his dog.

Griffin’s pit bull, Block, died Saturday night just before the Titans left Nashville. He said he noticed the dog struggling and rushed it to an animal hospital.

“At the emergency room, he took his last breath,” said Griffin, who breeds pit bulls. “Having a dog die like that in your hands is the hardest thing ever.”

Griffin was given permission to take a later flight and arrived in time for Saturday night’s meetings. He intercepted a Carson Palmer pass in the fourth quarter.

“It’s been hard,” Griffin said. “Everyone has been supporting me. I am going to enjoy this win and I am sure my dog is looking down on me.”


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