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Dick-Lick Reilly Follow Up

Posted by Mike on September 16, 2008

Mike, said alot about his shitbag, I would like to say a few things as well. What is up with shit-stain ESPN writers talking about or bringing up racism when talking about Boston ? How soon we forget that the Celtics were the first team to have an all black starting five and the first black head coach.  Does this race shit go back to baseball when the Red Sox could have had Jackie Robinson but they decided not to take him… The Red Sox were not the only team that passed up on him.  Anyway I just hate that writers for ESPN talk shit about Boston.  Unintentional or not it is disrespectful to call the best sports city in the country racist. Racist is going to an English soccer game and having fans throw bananas at black players. I do not believe that has happened at a Boston sporting event.  The moron in his shit article talked about the fading racism in Boston, its nice for that idiot to think even though he probably has spent more time  writing that article than in Boston. He also was kind enough to point out that the Patriots don’t play in Boston, nice observation dick-lick. How about his The Giants and Jets don’t play in New York, I think they play in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  Oh ya and the Yankees play in the Bronx, and the Mets play in Queens… What point are you trying to make?  The only teams that play in NYC are the Knicks who suck and the Rangers. So if he were trying to pick a team that rules your city than NY has to chose between the Knicks and Rangers because they play in the city. I think the Bronx and Queens are separate cities in the state of New York, just like Foxborough and Boston are in Massachusetts.  Anyway Rick Reilly is an idiot and his articles suck and do not make sense… Also I am convinced ESPN hates Boston.. Thank you for reading, your comments are always welcome. Don’t expect to talk trash about my sports teams without getting shit on yourself.



3 Responses to “Dick-Lick Reilly Follow Up”

  1. raginrondo said

    ZIPPA NUT!!!

  2. Bobby Baccala said

    Well its racist bloggers like yourself that make a bad name for the rest of Boston sports fans. You detest me.
    Vile thing I think I loathe you!!!

  3. Zippa Is A PinHead said

    Ummmmm, hey Zippa, not for nothing, but “The Bronx” and “Queens” are part of NYC.


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