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Big Love ?

Posted by Mike on September 16, 2008

How weird does this picture look ? Doesn’t each of Willis’s have a grin on their face like they’re so lucky their with the Punk’d star, and there about to go home with him and have a wild night ? I betcha this doesn’t make Bruce Willis happy or does it ? Is it inevitable that Aston Kutcher is going to go Woody Allen on Demi Moore ? According to Monster and Critics, Demi’s daughter, Rumer Willis used to have posters of her step-dad and current assistant High School Football coach, Aston Kutcher on her wall. The 20-year-old is up and coming actress, and Demi Moore’s career is slowly declining. In fact her biggest claim to fame in the last seven years has been marrying the former 70’s Show star. What has she done since G.I. Jane and Striptease ? Charlie’s Angels doesn’t count, her role in that movie was shorter than Paris Hilton’s role in her sextape. So what is too keep Aston’s wondering eyes off of Rumer ? This picture clearly shows that they are a very “close” knit family.


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