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Andre Ethier Likes Throat-Meat Tacos ?

Posted by Mike on September 16, 2008

According to the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier “knows where to find the best throat-meat tacos in Los Angeles“. That is an actual quote. One of the most prestigious newspapers in America, is basically calling Ethier a homosexual, or maybe he isn’t gay, but just has a fondness to Lewinsky other men. That doesn’t make you gay does it ? Which he isn’t. The Dodgers outfielder is actually a food nerd, who loves to go out and dine at the best restaurants across the country. In fact Ethier writes a blog for, called “Dining with ‘Dre” that provides insight on places he has eaten at. But, we still have to wait out an find whose else on the Dodgers likes throat-meat tacos. More from the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Ethier knows where to find the best throat-meat tacos in Los Angeles, the juiciest Salvadoran papusas and the city’s tastiest Romanian chicken stew. He waxes poetic about the pinto beans in his native Arizona, where they’re often pureed with cream and lard. “Here they want you to taste the bean, not the lard, which is… different.”

In June, Mr. Ethier began snapping pictures of the dishes at some of his favorite restaurants and posting them on a blog he calls “Dining With ‘Dre.”


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