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Whose Going To Last Longer ?

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2008

Which coach is going to last longer at his position ? Lane Kiffin with the Oakland Raiders, or Aston Kutcher with some High School team ? Reports surfaced yesterday that Kiffin may be fired today. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for Kiffin, the Raiders played the Kansas City Chiefs, who just maybe the worst team in football and the Raiders beat the Chiefs 23-8 yesterday. Talk is that Kiffin will definitely be replaced sometime this year by Al Davis favorite and current Raiders wide receivers coach James Lofton. It’s not a question of if Kiffin will be fired, but a matter of when he will get the axe. So, with that said my money is on former Punk’d star Aston Kutcher to last longer than Kiffin. Especially if he keeps bringing Demi Moore to the games.

Update: Nancy Gay claims that Rob Ryan may take over.


2 Responses to “Whose Going To Last Longer ?”

  1. thesportsmaster8000 said

    What if Al Davis picks Kutcher to be Kiffin’s predecessor. Davis is crazy enough. I guess that means Kutcher would still last longer.

  2. Anne said

    Thanks for the link!!! Awesome site !!!

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