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What’s Wrong Paplebon?

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2008

What is up with Johnny Paps? Apparently he knows, and he is not worried about it, but will he let The Nation worry for him, this is a quote from the Hartford Courant

“I have to work on my fastball command a little bit. I’m not worried about it. I’ve pitched four times in six days. I’ve been leaned on a little bit. Truly and honestly, I’ll let (NESN’s) Tom Caron and Dennis Eckersley worry about it. They seem to be worried.”

He says he has piched 4 times in 6 days, news flash your a closer, K-Rod has 58 saves I am sure he has pitched 4 times in 6 days. Also he said I have been leaned on a bit, no shit who else is gonna close a game for the Sox? The bullpen has been inconsistent all year and the only person that has been consistent is Pap’s. He has been hit alot this year more than in previous years. It seems that he has only been throwing his fastball, and when he misses with it, it gets hit, case in point yesterday against the Blue Jays lets up 3 hits in a row and 2 runs but still got the save. Also when he blew the game against Tampa after Bay hit a run bomb to take the lead to go up 4-3. The Sox were 3 outs from being in first place but he blew it, here are his numbers over the last 3 years:

 2006 BOS 59 0 4 2 35 0 0 68.1 40 8 7 3 13 75 0.92 0.78 .167  
 2007 BOS 59 0 1 3 37 0 0 58.1 30 12 12 5 15 84 1.85 0.77 .146  
 2008 BOS 62 0 5 4 38 0 0 64.0 52 21 15 4 7 72 2.11 0.92 .218

He is good, but he can not just throw one pitch, he is not Mariano RiveraPapelbon has a splitter and a slider to go with the fastball he needs to throw those pitches because teams are sitting on the fastball. He needs to figure his shit out because he is too good and has good pitches to be pitching this poor down the stretch.


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