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MNF Pick

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2008

Eagles at Cowboys (-6.5)



I like the Cowboys here they have a better offense and a monster offensive line that will protect Romo against the blitz happy Jimmy Johnson defense.  Also like Pacman said “They played the Rams, dude”.  The Eagles showed they can score on a bad team so did the Cowboys but the Eagles have no run game.  They are one dimentional little swing pass here and there to Westbrook who is good, but Demarcus Ware will be on him all night.  Westbrook will get his touches but its the receiving core of the Egales against the secodary of the Cowboys… I give this one to the Cowboys, Desean Jackson had a great first game against Shit Louis Rams, lets see how he does against a better, faster, bigger defense.  Also for the Cowboys it will be their offensive line pass protection against the blitz.  Again check mark to the Cowboys… Their line is huge and Romo can scramble to get some extra time.  Plus its the home opener for the Cowboys against a division rival,  Jessica said they were gonna whoop there butts too.

Take the Cowboys (-6.5)


Jon Anthony


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