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Chris Cooley Goes Full-Cooley

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2008

Call it an accident, or just a funny prank. Washington Redskins tight end, Chris Cooley was trying to take a picture of a tight end’s test for this week’s game against the New Orleans Saints for his blog, when he showed a bit too much of himself. More accurately, he showed his little-Cooley. The accidental faux pax was put up on his blog, but immediately taken down, but thanks to those good guys at Deadspin we now have the picture. Who knows if this puts an end to the blogging career of Cooley, but the Redskins staff won’t be happy with him taking a picture of a test they give their players for the upcoming week’s game. In the ever secretive NFL this has to be a no-no. As for the nudity, who doesn’t blog nude ? As I am typing this piece, I am naked, on the toilet, with my laptop resting on my lap. Still, no player in the NFL is as cool, or gives as much insight into a player’s life during a season than Chris Cooley. So after you read this, please go check out his blog.


One Response to “Chris Cooley Goes Full-Cooley”

  1. […] second time today a professional athlete has showed his penis to a crowd of people. First it was Chris Cooley (accident), and now we have Jake the Snake who lived up to his name by whipping out his snake to […]

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