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Is Fantasy Football Racist?

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008


This is what ESPN big mouth Steven A.  Smith thinks.  He also goes as far as to get stats saying that 93% of all Fantasy Football Commissioners are white, how did they get that number?  I don’t think that is a question they ask the commish when you start a league, Is it?  Anyway, I think he is a shitbag for even bringing race into a game where friends play as GM’s and get a chance win some money and bragging rights, what a douche.  If you do not like Fantasy Football don’t play it and don’t bring the race card in it either.  Another ESPN loud mouth Skip Bayless hates Fantasy Football but he never said it was racist and didn’t throw out shit statistics to prove it either.  Steven A. Smith should stick with basketball and his shit show Quite Frankly if its still on the air. What a Jack Ass, Steven A. stick to stuffing your face with Chettos  and stop calling fantasy player racist, cause I bet your boss plays  too.



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