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Have A Nice Weekend

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008


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Would You Hit It?

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008


Shit when skinny is too skinny and unhealthy… Someone get her a burger, better yet a sausage.


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Ocho Cinco

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008


Chad Johnson has changed his name to OCHO CINCO.  HA, now he can wear OCHO CINCO on the back of his jersey without getting fined for it. I don’t know what he is trying to prove but he just sent a big F U to the league.   I don’t think changing his name is gonna get him that contract he is looking for, teams probably think he is turning into T.O. when he ran Jeff Garcia out of town with the 49ers.   Anyway he is fun to watch and has fun when he is playing but changing your name is a little much.  I will be taking OCHO CINCO in the 4th round if available in my fantasy draft.


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Is Fantasy Football Racist?

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008


This is what ESPN big mouth Steven A.  Smith thinks.  He also goes as far as to get stats saying that 93% of all Fantasy Football Commissioners are white, how did they get that number?  I don’t think that is a question they ask the commish when you start a league, Is it?  Anyway, I think he is a shitbag for even bringing race into a game where friends play as GM’s and get a chance win some money and bragging rights, what a douche.  If you do not like Fantasy Football don’t play it and don’t bring the race card in it either.  Another ESPN loud mouth Skip Bayless hates Fantasy Football but he never said it was racist and didn’t throw out shit statistics to prove it either.  Steven A. Smith should stick with basketball and his shit show Quite Frankly if its still on the air. What a Jack Ass, Steven A. stick to stuffing your face with Chettos  and stop calling fantasy player racist, cause I bet your boss plays  too.


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Spank Bank: Bea Flora

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008



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Josh Beckett

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008


Not good news from Red Sox camp, Josh Beckettis scratched from his Friday start against the White Sox and is going to see Dr. James Andrews.   This is said to be precautionary but I am not buying it.  Theosaid he believes there is no more tingling in his right hand, but his elbow does not feel right.  We posted an article earlier about a doctor saying these are symptoms for Tommy John surgery.  If that is the case Beckett will miss the rest of this year and all of next year, The Sox have been battered with injuries and thy still find a way to win.  Beckett has not pitched since August 17, he has been placed on the DL and David Pauley will take his place in the rotation.  Daisuke will start tonight, Pauley on Saturday and Wakefield on Sunday.  If Beckett has to have Tommy John and I hope and pray he does not, look for the Sox to go after Ben Sheets and or AJ Burnett in the off season.  Lets go Sox and cross your fingers.


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I’m Guessing He’s Single

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2008

Is this for a road race, or is he making a Political statement ? I don’t know, but it has a strong resemblance to my ex-girlfriend’s peach pit, which is why she is my ex. Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, if your girlfriend ever refuses to not shave an area that you have requested, it calls for you to pull an immediate Boris Becker and never look back.

Thanks to The Dirty

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College Picks

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2008

N.C. State (0-0) at South Carolina (0-0)
Thursday, August 28
8:00 PM ESPN
Williams-Brice Stadium (Natural Grass) 
South Carolina -13, O/U 45.5

ACC vs. SEC, no doubt in my mind that the Gamecocks roll the Wolfpack.  Ya its the first game of the year for both but you have to like a Spurrier led offense than a Tom O’Brien offense.  The Gamecocks have 17 returning starters to the 11 for the Wolfpack.  The Wolfpack were terrible last year and it looks to be the same this year. They have a very conservative approach to offense, meaning run the ball, run the ball the a 2 yard pass.  That is an O’Brien typical offense.  On the other hand you have a flashy offense and a coach who like to score and score alot.

I see a 38-10 game, South Carolina rolls and this game could get out of hand early with a couple of quick scores for the Gamecocks. They have too much speed on both sides of the ball, with 11 returning starters on defense. Go ‘Cocks.

All trends point to South Carolina and the Over.

Jon Anthony

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NFL Update

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2008

It’s official Pacman, I mean Adam Jones has been reinstated and can play football this year.  The O/U is 5 weeks before he gets suspended again, any takers?  We will see what happens, but he adds depth and speed to the defense and special teams so this could turn out to be a good gamble for the Cowboys.

Joe Flacco and Kurt Warner will start tonight in the final preseason games for the two teams.  This is big for Flacco if he can prove he can play he will be the starter to start the year.

Big hit for the Colts, Jeff Saturdaycould miss 6 weeks at least with a MCL tear, he could miss more with surgery.


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It’s Sad To See Yankee Stadium Go

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2008

Thanks to With Leather

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