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Manny Traded To Dodgers

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008


Update: Per Gordon Edes….No details yet. Team is Dodgers. A third team is involved. Jason Bay is a Red Sox.

Ken Rosenthal (Will he make a decison)

However, the three-way Manny Ramirez blockbuster remains dead, according to two sources with clubs involved in the negotiations.

Ken Rosenthal

The three-way Manny Ramirez blockbuster may be back on, with Pirates outfielder Jason Bay headed to the Red Sox, sources say.
The Rays were also in talks to acquire Bay in the minutes leading to Thursday’s 4 p.m. ET non-waiver deadline, but one source has said that the Tampa-Pittsburgh deal is off “unless a miracle happens.”

Gammons says Tampa thinks Bay is going to Boston

Jason Bay not Traded ?

Gordon Edes

It’s looking like the Red Sox are not engaged with the Dodgers in any talks regarding Manny Ramirez.

Nick Cafardo

Looks like, according to a Red Sox source, that a three-way deal for Manny Ramirez will not happen. The Sox also offered two prospects in the deal, but still couldn’t make it work.

The Sox are still trying to make a deal for Manny. The Dodgers are in play..

Jason Bay traded to the Rays

 Jon Heyman

The potential blockbuster trade that would have sent embattled Boston slugger Manny Ramirez to the Marlins has hit a snag, but the Red Sox are now talking to the Los Angeles Dodgers, as well, has learned.

The Dodgers have offered young outfielder Andre Ethier, but Boston is believed to prefer Matt Kemp.

The Marlins deal isn’t believed to be dead, but it appears Florida was unhappy with one or more aspects of the potential blockbuster.

Ramirez has approved a trade to go to Florida, Philadelphia, Los Angels or anywhere else, has learned. So all that needs to be done is to agree on the players.

The Red Sox, who appear motivated to trade Ramirez, have spent most of their time on the Marlins over the past 24 hours. But sources say the Dodgers have always remained interested.

Gordon Edes

Less than 2 hours before the trading deadline, the Red Sox were still trying to make this 3-way deal with the Pirates and Marlins work, but as one source said, “They’re not going to be stupid about it.” At the moment, the deal would require the Red Sox to include prospects as well as Manny Ramirez and the $7 million remaining on his 2008 salary, a price the Sox appear unwilling to pay at this time.

Another industry source said within the last 10 minutes that he thinks talks will go down to the 4 p.m. deadline.

That’s all for now …

Nick Cafardo

Reports are beginning to surface that the three-way deal for Manny Ramirez is dead or close to dead, but I’m not buying it. The same snags exist now that existed this morning, and there’s still time to work them out before the 4 p.m. deadline.

Also, according to a source, Manny is spending the day shopping in Boston, relaxing and waiting like the rest of us. He is anxious to learn where he may be playing Friday.

Ken Rosenthal

The Manny Ramirez trade remains on hold, and there are growing indications that the three-team blockbuster may be in trouble.

The Pirates’ return for Bay, sources say, is the last holdup in the deal. The Pirates are seeking an “appropriate return for an All-Star caliber left fielder” — and one who is affordable at $5.75 million this season and $7.5 million in 2009.

Jayson Stark reports:

Yet another official with one of these three teams says the Manny-Bay deal is dead. In the aftermath, the teams involved seem unsure of what happened. The Pirates are blaming the Marlins. The Marlins are blaming the Pirates. And the Red Sox aren’t too happy with either of them.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pirates have agreed to the prospects they’d receive in a Manny Ramirez-Jason Bay-Jeremy Hermida deal.

Peter Gammons On ESPN Radio:

“The Sox, Marlins and Pirates have no idea what is going to happen. The Red Sox need to find someone to take Manny, 7 million and three players. This is unprecedented, Manny told the Sox to trade him or he will not play.”

Also, Buster Olney said:

“If he’s not traded by 4 p.m. today, there’s a 1 percent chance that he finishes the year with the Red Sox.”

 Ken Rosenthal

The Manny Ramirez trade appears to be moving closer to completion

“It sounds like things are taking off and Pittsburgh is getting what they are looking for,” said an executive who has been in contact with the clubs involved.

Another source familiar with the discussions, however, continued to express caution, indicating that the talks remain in a tenuous state.

Peter Gammons

A source close to the three-way negotiations involving Manny Ramirez says the deal is close to dead. Florida has reportedly asked Boston for a cash outlay beyond the $7 million to cover Ramirez’s contract, in addition to two prospects. That essentially would add up to the Red Sox trading Ramirez, $9 million and two prospects for Jason Bay.

Jon Heyman on writes:

Embattled Red Sox superstar Manny Ramirez has agreed to be traded to the Marlins, has learned, but a deal has not been reached.

It’s still possible Ramirez could remain with the Red Sox, though it’s now believed more likely than not that a deal will be consummated close to today’s 4 p.m. ET deadline. 

Per Gordon Edes at 11:36 AM:

I’m warning you right now, you may come away from this as frustrated as I am right now, because I don’t have any definitive answers. This thing is still very fluid. The word is that the teams are still pushing to get this done. It has NOT gotten to commissioner Bud Selig, who has to sign off on the money, contrary to some reports out there, though the commissioner has certainly been kept apprised of what is happening. I’m hearing some pessimism out of the Sox side this a.m., although I remind you as of late yesterday afternoon, I was told there was slim chance of anything big happening. So that’s where we stand.

It appears that there is a less than 50% chance that this deal will happen. The Marlins just acquired left-handed reliever Arthur Rhodes. What does that mean ? Maybe he is headed to Boston, or that John Grabow would be shipped to the Sox.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the Pirates are basically running the show on this trade:

10:53 a.m.: Just got off the phone with a couple people — non-Pirates — and there seems to be this growing sense that it is the Pirates really dictating this process. There are too many teams and too many moving parts to imagine that they are outright playing one deal off the other, but they probably are as close as they can be to doing exactly that. The Pirates’ thinking, according to one, is that they want two high-end types and one or two others, depending which direction they turn. Obviously, giving up Grabow makes for the higher number.

Ken Rosenthal reports:

The Pirates’ return from the Red Sox, sources say, is the last holdup in the deal. The Pirates are seeking an “appropriate return for an All-Star caliber left fielder” — and one who is affordable at $5.75 million this season and $7.5 million in 2009.


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Daily Dump: Red Sox

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

Brought to you by: Zippanut

What the hell has happened to the most popular franchise in Boston sports.   This team has looked like absolute shit lately, they get swept twice by the Angels and lose 2 out of 3to the yanks.  They are 4 games below .500 after the break.  The only team they manhandled was the worst team in the AL in the Mariners.  If you think this Manny distraction is not the reason you are just as stupid as the people on ESPN thinking its not.  Ever since he opened his mouth and about his contract, and sitting out of key games the Sox have looked like shit.  Give credit to the good pitching we faced but having 4 errors last night 3 in one inning, there heads are not in the game right now.  Manny is a great hitter that wont be replaced but his attitude, and his demeanour on and of the field is killing this team.  The players are getting sick of him the front office is sick of him and not to mention Peter Gammons is sick of him.  Just like Nomar he is tearing apart this team, if he stays there is no question in my mind he will mail it in.  The front office has to get rid of him first to right this sinking ship.  Although a deal is not a lock but i believe a deal for getting rid of Manny will be addition by subtraction.  Also screw the Pirates in this 3 way, the only reason they are asking for more prospects from the Sox they know they got had from the Yanks in the deal for Nady and Marte.  If the Pirates keep pressing for more prospects just deal Manny to the Marlins and keep Hermida

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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Is Erin Andrews Whoring Herself ?

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

This may comes as a shock to many, but according to reporter Mike Nadel, ESPN babe Erin Andrews is using her good looks to flirt with players, get interviews and get this she wears “skimpy outfits” around the clubhouse. I’m stunned. This is no way to act for the  future Mrs Sons of Bill Simmons. According to Nadel:

Erin Andrews, the ESPN “it” babe who clearly isn’t afraid to flaunt it, sauntered around the visiting clubhouse, flitting from one Cubs player to another. Her skimpy outfit — designed to accentuate her, um, positives — had players leering at her. Some made lewd comments under their breath. Others giggled like 12-year-olds.

Still, the Brewers’ claims of being unaffected by this series’ results were as unbelievable as Erin Andrews’ work clothes.
“Good for you, Rammie,” Andrews said three hours before the game, bending forward to shake Aramis Ramirez’s hand.
“Good for you.”
Ramirez, who had three doubles in the Cubs’ 7-1 victory the previous night, sheepishly accepted Andrews’ congratulations. She didn’t ask him any questions because he was sitting on the players-only sofa; she seemingly just wanted to show “Rammie” her support. Weird.
Moments later, the blonde reporter was chatting with Alfonso Soriano. At one point, she placed her hand suggestively on Soriano’s left biceps.
Was I reading too much into all this? I don’t think so. I’ve been a paid observer for a long time … and I wasn’t exactly the only one who noticed.
As two Cubs stood near their lockers, one asked the other: “Hot? Or just attractive? Does she do anything for you?”
The inquisitor then made eye contact with me as if saying — to use a term my uncle might have — “Hubba-hubba!”
This went on for at least an hour. Finally, Piniella emerged from his office, ready for his dugout media session. As he turned the corner, there was Andrews in all of her bare-legged, high-heeled, low-necklined glory.
“Hey, hey, hey! Look at this!” Piniella said, loudly and excitedly. “Are you doing a baseball game today or a modeling assignment?”
Fair question. I have seen Andrews at many events in recent years and this was the first time I had witnessed anything quite like this, which is why it seemed so bizarre.
Did she really feel playing the sexpot was necessary to practice journalism? She is good-looking enough and has enough of a high-profile job that she would get plenty of interviews and attention even if she showed up in a burlap sack.
One thing for sure: There was a discernible buzz in the Cubs’ clubhouse Wednesday before a pitch ever was thrown — and that buzz had nothing to do with the anticipation of another huge victory over a division rival.

If only she was like that to bloggers, ahhhh………

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Why The Manny Deal Makes No Sense

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

The three-way trade that has been discussed at length for Manny Ramirez, makes little to no sense for the Red Sox other than simply getting Manny off their hands. I for one think they should trade Ramirez, but the proposed trade makes little sense. The Red Sox are going to trade Manny, lose a first round draft pick, and a first round supplemental draft pick, and trade up to three prospects and get Jason Bay in return (reports are that John Grabow will go to Marlins). Makes no sense too me. If anything, the Sox should cut the Pirates out of the deal, and get Jeremy Hermida and prospects from the Marlins. Hermida, is a young stud with a lot of power potential, a good outfielder with a strong arm, and not much separates him from Bay. Jason Bay does have better numbers, but in a year or so, Hermida should be a better player then Bay, and come at a much cheaper price. Not to mention the flexibility adding Hermida would give the Sox, both on and off the field. Hermida makes a little under $400,000 while Bay is set to make $7.5 Million next year. For an immediate impact getting Bay would make sense, but the Sox are vastly over paying for the right-handed slugger, whose numbers maybe similar to Ramirez, but there is a wide gap between the two. My personal opinion would be that the Sox are much better getting Jeremy Hermida and prospects from the Marlins, or Matt Kemp and other from the Dodgers. I cannot see Theo Epstein giving up this much and only getting back Jason Bay. No matter how much they can’t stand Ramirez, it would be foolish to give up all that for a player the caliber of Jason Bay.

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There Maybe An End In Sight

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

After meeting with Packers CEO Mark Murphy yesterday in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, it looks like Brett Favre may get his wish and play for the Minnesota Vikings. It was reported earlier that the Packers were willing to pay Favre up to $20 Million over ten years not to play football anymore. Now, it looks like the Pack are folding like a lawn chair. writes:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, citing a source close to the situation, on Wednesday reported the Packers were considering seeking a deal with one of their rivals, most likely the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears, if all else fails.

That follows reports that the Packers on Wednesday offered Favre a substantial sum of money — as much as $20 million over several years — to stay retired.

On Monday, Packers general manager Ted Thompson said the Packers would not trade Favre within the NFC North. Favre, who has asked the NFL to be reinstated, is reportedly interested in playing for the Vikings, who play the Packers to open their season on Monday Night Football on Sept. 8.

Just like Manny Ramirez, Favre may get his way.

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A-Rod Won’t Go Down Easily. Well……….

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

Future divorcee Alex Rodriguez, is throwing down the gauntlet to this wife Cynthia in there bitter divorce battle. According to NY Daily News, A-Rod doesn’t want to give his wife one more cent then he has too:

While naming no figure, she petitioned for alimony and child support, including such benefits as life and health insurance and private schools – suggesting she be able to maintain the “high standard of living” A-Rod has provided his family so far.

Rodriguez, whose 10-year, $275 million contract with the Yankeesmakes him baseball’s highest-paid player, says several times in the response he wants the prenup enforced.

“Husband denies any duty to support wife beyond those obligations specifically set out in the parties’ prenuptial agreement,” the papers say. What those terms are wasn’t immediately known, but apparently they don’t suit Cynthia.

If he has to go to court to fight her challenge to the prenup and wins, he says he’s entitled to recover from his wife any “reasonable attorney’s fees and costs” he incurs. A-Rod strikes a conciliatory note when it comes to the children, saying he “has been paying, and will continue to pay … reasonable and bona fide expenses” for daughters Natasha, 3, and Ella, 3 months.

I must give it to A-Rod on this one, in these type of divorce battles the man typically gets screwed, but this time A-Rod is doing the screwing. If Cynthia thought she was going to get half of the fortune she was wrong. With that pre-nup in place, Madonna has a better shot of getting that fortune than she does. Just when you thought A-Rod wasn’t as bad as you thought he was, he makes another idiotic comment.  

A-Rod notes he’s required “to travel extensively from spring training in March through the end of the baseball season in September” – and as any Yankees fan can confirm “more often than not, through the baseball playoffs in October.”

The guy still is a douche!

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Spank Bank-Federica Ridolfi

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

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Would You Funnel Beer From This ?

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

I think I’d have to pass, but when you’re in Rome….

Thanks to Busted Coverage

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Manny News

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

It looks like last night was Manny’s final game as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Contrary to what reports are saying from the Palm Beach Post, the deal is not done, and it very well could fall apart. The basics of the deal are Manny Ramirez to the Marlins, Jeremy Hermida and prospects going to the Pirates, and Jason Bay, and maybe John Grabow to Boston. Although some reports indicate that Grabow may go to the Marlins as well, and the Red Sox may have to throw in a prospect or two. A potential hold up in the deal is that the Rays may still be talking to the Pirates as well. It’s also said that Red Sox owner John Henry does not want to trade Ramirez, because he does not believe they can replace his run production. Another possibility for Ramirez is still the LA Dodgers, who are said to be willing to include Matt Kemp in a deal for Ramirez. At reporters best guesses it seems like this deal has a better chance of not happening, then happening.

Other Sox News:

Brandon Moss for Ron Mahay is still a possibility

The Baltimore Orioles offered reliever George Sherrill to the Red Sox for Jed Lowrie, and the Sox shot that down.

Will Ohman of the Atlanta Braves for Daniel Bard is still a possibility.

Every deal hinges on what happens with the Manny Ramirez situation. The focus is on riding themselves of the future hall-of-famer, but in the end will the Red Sox actually go ahead and do it? Best guess here is, that Manny will play out his final two months in a Red Sox uniform, and the Sox pick up his option and try to move him in the offseason.

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Giambino Not A Fan Of The Shift

Posted by Mike on July 31, 2008

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