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Where is Paul Pierce ?

Posted by Mike on June 25, 2008

So with the Boston Celtics winning the NBA Championship, and Paul Pierce being finals MVP, Kevin Garnett and Bill Russell get the cover of Sports Illustrated. Huh ? Did I miss something?Did they play a seventh game and Garnett finally had two good back-to-back games? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. I could understand a lot of covers for this issue, but Bill Russell and Kevin Garnett isn’t one of them. If anything it should be the “Three Amigos” (I won’t call them the Big 3), and Garnett played by far the worst of the three and he gets the cover. I’m starting to think SI has something against Pierce. This cover comes on the heels of Chris Mannix’s mock draft with every player in the league. He has Pierce going 17th, with players such as Tony Parker, Gilbert Arenas, and Dirk Nowitzki going ahead of him. Did he not watch Dirk last year in the playoffs against Golden State ? It’s like everybody forgot how good Pierce played in the playoffs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big KG fan, but come on, him and Bill Russell on the cover for the Celtics victory. That is like putting Steve Grogan and Donte Stallworth on the cover if the Patriots actually won the Super Bowl, or Yaz and Lugo for the Sox. Who is their editor John Waters ? The cover should of been the whole team, or just of Allen, Garnett, and Pierce. Maybe they’ll get it right next year.


3 Responses to “Where is Paul Pierce ?”

  1. mark said

    well if you watched the playoffs, kg was the best overall player on the Celtics through four rounds. pierce didn’t really show up till sometime in the cavs series on the offensive end, especially on the road.

    kg was the undisputed mvp of the conference finals, against the team many describe as the second best team – the detroit pistons.

    he was in a bit of foul trouble against the lakers, but overall, the best celtic in the playoffs.

    also, the big 3 cover of pierce, kg and ray allen was already covered back in the fall on SI. maybe SI wanted something different.

    yeah i love pierce, but still, kg killed for 26 games. ppl forget about his defense. held a lakers team who scored over 105 in the playoffs before the c’s came along – poop – they put of 88 point games!

    plus, very few young ppl know Bill Russell. this is the best chance for them to get to learn about him. best winner of all sports IMO.

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  3. Jay said

    Well, I watched the playoffs and I agree with the author. Pierce didn’t show up until Detroit?
    He stepped up in every single must have game starting with game 7 against Atlanta. He blended in when he had to and he stepped up when he had to.

    As for defense, Pierce was outstanding all playoffs. From making life miserable for LeBron to totally shutting down Prince to askng for the assignment to guard Kobe 1 on 1 so the Celtics wouldn’t continue to get burned by helping Ray.

    Yes, until the Finals Garnett was a steady consistant force. But in the finals he was just so-so and he had games where he got outplayed by Pau Gasol on both ends of the court. Garnett never had a single get on my back and I’ll carry you home game. Not a single one. Pierce had had about a half dozen of them, some on offense and some on defense. To say he didn’t show up until Detroit is rediculous.

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