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Has Jesus become Judas?

Posted by Mike on May 21, 2008

Once known as the best shooter in the game and a guy who could get off as good as Ron Jeremy, has now become a non-existent offensive player and a potential distraction for the Boston CelticsRay Allen sad postseason continues after going an abysmal 3-10 from the field for 9pts. To make matters worse Allen has started to call out his teammates. In the May 20th Boston Globe article Allen said “As easy as it’d be for me to get the ball and carve out some space and get a shot up, that’s not what we want on offense as a team,” he said. “So I rely on my teammates. Rajon Rondo in particular. With Rajon, he’s the point guard and I think he has to become more aware of just getting me more easier looks,” said Allen“. WOW! This is the guy who was once Jesus Shuttlesworth, and instead of accepting the blame he’s pointing the finger at Rondo. Don’t be shocked in this off season if Allen quietly asks to be traded. Allen’s offense has been so bad that Doc may have to consider playing Eddie House at the two, or we could see a lot more of James Posey. Whatever it is Doc has to do something, and he has to do it fast. Eventually the lack of offense coming from Ray is going to comeback and haunt the Celtics. He’s going so bad now that he is passing up open jumpers, and calling out your teammates for your lack of offense isn’t going to make matters better. He did look better in last nights game, but still only 9pts and the first three pointer he shot looked like one of Clay Aiken’s groupies. Ugly and flat. Either Ray’s going to start knocking down open jumpers, or the Celtics won’t be raising banner number seventeen.


One Response to “Has Jesus become Judas?”

  1. Dude, cut him some slack. He’s going through some tough stuff off-the-court during the playoffs. Obviously, it’ll affect his game a little bit. But being the man he is, he doesn’t even acknowledge when the media brings those issues up.

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