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Somebody has got to buy me this T-Shirt

Posted by Mike on February 8, 2008


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The Most Overrated Athlete of Our Time

Posted by Mike on February 1, 2008

This is a man, whom announcers and players drool over. He has three MVP awards and even one Super Bowl victory, he also has the record for most career interceptions. The man I am talking about is Brett Favre. The most overrated athlete since Joe Namath. The adjectives you hear people say about Favre is that he’s gritty, a gunslinger, tough as nails. But what people fail to say is how he continually cost the Packers victories. Just look back at this past year’s NFC Championship, when in over time he threw an awful interception to Corey Webster which cost the Packers a chance at the Super Bowl. Take a look at this picture and who would you throw the ball to?

Favre has thrown the most touchdown passes in NFL History, but he has also thrown the most interceptions as well. Brett Favre is to football, what Nolan Ryan is to Baseball. The both put up great stats, but in the end they are greatly overrated. In 22 career playoff games Favre’s record is 12-10, not too impressive. He has thrown 39 TD’s to 28 INT’s in the playoffs. In the times when his teams need him most, Favre comes up short, or just plain costs his team the game. Who will ever know, if the Packers would have won the Super Bowl, if Desmond Howard doesn’t return the kickoff for a touchdown. As much grief as Drew Bledsoe gets around this area for how he plays, Favre plays even worse. Yes, he should be a Hall of Famer based upon the numbers he has displayed, but if your were picking a team and could have any quarterback to choose from, how many quarterbacks would you pick over Favre? Quite a few. He may be a great guy, and he’s willing to play through pain, but he is simply vastly overrated and is extremely unreliable.

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The Man who saved the New England Patriots

Posted by Mike on February 1, 2008

The article comes to us courtesy of JD McNugent. It’s a must read for any New England Patriot fan. Don’t forget the man who made the Patriots important again.

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