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AFC Championship

Posted by Mike on January 18, 2008

The talk around the league is how the Chargers are going to give the Patriots a game; after all they won their last six regular season games, and seven out of their last eight. Those numbers folks are completely misleading. The last six games they played in the regular season the teams have a combined 37-59 record and the  seventh game they won out of the eight was the Colt game were Vinatieri missed the chip shot field goal. And if you really want to look at it closer there a Kenton Keith bobble from watching this game at home this week. Now, come the news that Rivers may have a torn ACL, and that Gates maybe out (according to Peter King), but even if Gates plays how effective will he be? He’s having hard enough time getting off the line of scrimmage. It’s possible that Billy Volek, like the rest of the backups have this year, could give the Patriots a game, but in such an important and meaningful game do you really see the Patriots getting beaten by a backup quarterback? Neither do I. The Chargers wide-outs could give the Patriots a bit of a scare, especially Vincent Jackson versus Jesus Jones. This game will not be like the week two game, weather conditions will have a lot to do with that. The one common opponent these teams really have had was the Jaguars which the Chargers lost to 24-17. This game definitely will not be a blowout, but the Patriots should win this game rather handily. One final note is that this should be the final home game for the careers of Troy Brown and possibly Tedy Bruschi.

Prediction: Patriots 34-17


2 Responses to “AFC Championship”

  1. Shrek said

    Very Nice Job. I say the Pats win 28-10.

  2. Chris said

    How bad is the injury to Brady? Let’s see some more posts!

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