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Boston Bruins

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2007

Just to get you ready for Hockey season watch these two clips: watch all of this one.


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Posted by Mike on September 12, 2007

Take a look at this evidence.

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Reche Caldwell

Posted by Mike on September 5, 2007

If you’re scared of what Reche Caldwell could tell the New Jork Jets here’s what Mike Vrabel had to say:

How much of an advantage can a former player help the opposition by visiting them, like Reche Caldwell did with the Jets?
“Reche barely knew our offense, so I know he doesn’t know our defense [tongue in cheek; media laughter]. That’s the end of that question.”

As for those Richard Seymour rumors of him being out for the year, I wouldn’t bet my money on that. Seymour is said to be working out. The rumors of him being out for the year is just more gossip by Patriots haters.

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The Next President?

Posted by Mike on September 3, 2007

Take a look at this video and tell me who is smarter Bubb Rubb or George Bush. PS is that Da Brat in this video?

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Bill Belichick

Posted by Mike on September 3, 2007

Here is an interesting Belichick story:

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a fascinating account today of the machinations that went into the Patriots signing linebacker David Herron from the Vikings, apparently as retribution for the Vikes claiming tight end Garrett Mills, whom the Pats wanted to put on their practice squad.

According to the story, Vikings coach Brad Childress received a call from Pats head coach Bill Belichick yesterday morning when the team learned Minnesota planned to claim Mills.

According to Childress, Belichick said he was interested in a Vikings castoff but would not claim that player if the Vikings passed on Mills.

“I said, ‘Well, I’m really interested in your guy, so we’ll have to let our guy slide,’ ” Childress said. “He didn’t really care for that. He was trying to leverage. You always find out who is honest and straightforward.”

Shortly thereafter, the Pats claimed Herron, an undrafted free agent linebacker out of Michigan State who could contribute on special teams. The obvious question is, if the Pats wanted Mills on the practice squad so badly, why didn’t they protect him with one of the two roster spots they left unfilled following Saturday’s cutdowns? They could have released him today and then re-signed him to the practice squad, after most teams had made their signings.

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Randy Moss

Posted by Mike on September 3, 2007

Even thought NFL cuts were this past Saturday, there are still very strong rumors that the Patriots may cut or trade Randy Moss by this upcoming Sunday. If Moss was cut the Patriots would save 2.5 milion dollars. Rumors are that Moss is unhappy with his role in the offense is quitely making it known. Now, this could all be rumors, but were their is smoke there is fire. There was strong talk of Moss being cut on Saturday. But, my guess is that he’ll be lining up for the Patriots this week.

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New York Media are idiots

Posted by Mike on September 3, 2007

Peter King of Sports Illustrated did his top 500 players in the NFL and when he rated Jets Saftey Kerry Rhodes #29 , King put in a hypothetical quote saying that Bill Belichick saying that Kerry Rhodes couldn’t even make his team. Peter King was saying that hypothecially to prove his point on Kerry Rhodes and Bills Tackle Jason Peters. However, Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News thought that Belichick really said that and wrote it in an article. Here’s what Cimini wrote

“The Jets’ season opener against the Patriots still is eight days away, but the first salvo already has been fired. It’s from an unlikely source:  Bill Belichick, who usually is careful about not providing bulletin-board fodder to the opponent.

“Belichick takes aim at safety Kerry Rhodes, ripping one of the Jets’ best players in the current issue of Sports Illustrated. In a story that ranks the top 500 players in the NFL, Belichick offers his take on the rankings of Rhodes (29th) and Bills tackle Jason Peters (39th).

What an idiot. Typical dumb New York Media. Here’s the link to Peter King’s article

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